About GeNovu

GeNovu was launched by laboratory technicians who desire experienced, modern IT support and understand the needs, and most importantly, the processes, of a biological laboratory. The yield of data generated by laboratories across the world today is growing exponentially as newer, faster, and cheaper processes are developed. Today’s IT infrastructures are often outdated and unable to continuously evolve at real-time rates while presenting data at your fingertips in intuitive ways. GeNovu eliminates inefficiencies by providing the most up-to-date automation services to maximize your laboratory’s productivity and results with both on-site and remote deployment offerings.

We have years of experience working at the hoods and benches in labs, pipetting samples, and writing reports. Additionally, our team has implemented large scale automation and data integration projects. This unique combination gives us a distinct advantage; the ability to fully understand your needs as a biologist and what information and tools would be important to you, coupled with the technical expertise to implement these tools. GeNovu offers custom solutions created by biologists; no more canned, off-the-shelf solutions created by someone who has never handled a sample. If your lab is still moving data around in Excel sheets, archaic Access forms, or worse... on paper, let us show you how we can streamline your processes, increase throughput, reduce headaches, and let you get back to the science.

Our solutions include customized data management systems with integrated laboratory automation, database design and development, and custom desktop applications. We also offer consultation and validations on laboratory automation as we collaborate with top leaders in the industry as well as IT maintenance and service contracts.

GeNovu is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA and serves clients within the pharmaceutical, biorepository, biotech, and government industries.

We appreciate your work; let us help you help us all.

Thank You,

Your GeNovu Team